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About our project
Faculty of Journalism of TSU has a rich history. It was formed in 1976 as a department of journalism at the faculty of philology, and in 2004 became a seperate faculty.
This site - archive of photographies, which were taken during the work time of the department of journalism at the faculty of philology. All of the photos have their own captions: by that it is possible to discover a little more about students, teachers and events from the past of FJ TSU.
All of the photos in the archive are black and white - that is why the archive has such a name.
Faces of people, who create faculty history

1986, Lenina 66

Students of the №1355 group studying the course of Y.N.Myasnikov "Production and design of printed periodicals"

Y.M.Ershov: "On the right - Kabay Karabekov, he did not complete his study before graduation and from the third or fourth course went to his native Kyrgyzstan, becoming a correspondent for the newspaper "Vecherny Frunze". In Kyrgyzstan, he made a political career by becoming Assistant to the President Askar Akayev and Press Secretary of the Presidential Administration of Kyrgyzstan (1992-1993), and then became a deputy of three convocations of parliament. In the center - Andrew Kudryashov, he married a student of group 1345, Yulia Klimycheva, and went with her to Blagoveshchensk, where they worked together for about twenty years in the newspaper called "Amurskaya Pravda". For some time they taught journalism to students at the University of Blagoveshchensk. On the left - Nadim Kasimov. After graduating from TSU, he worked as an executive secretary in the "TM-Express" newspaper, and later moved to Kolomna near Moscow, where he was engaged in drawing, illustrating and designing the socio-economic newspaper called "Espresso"."

Nadim Kasimov, Andrei Kudryashov and Kabai Karabekov
Photo Collection: 1986; image Size: 1200х800
Archive Owner: Yuriy Ershov
Informations Sources: Y.M.Ershov
1988, Lenina 64

The photo of students of №1385 group before initiation

N.V.Zhilyakova: "We have had a students initiation on the first course, as everyone. But before that A.V.Morozov had arranged for us a photo session, which was supposed to show our "inner essence" or "inner self".
Characters were thought out along the way, and now it is difficult to remember who was the author of it. This photo depicts a "gang" - Irina Lichtenwald, Tatyana Kuptsova and Tatyana Kovaleva, who were really very friendly and could well portray a cohesive "gang""

Irina Lichtenwald, Tatyana Kuptsova and Tatyana Kovaleva
Photo Collection: 1988; image Size: 960х742
Archive Owner: Yuriy Ershov
Informations Sources: N.V.Zhilyakova, Y.M.Ershov

1997, Regional (Tomsk) radio

Irina Shihman: "I am 13 years old on the photo - 4 years before entering university. There was a famous journalist in Tomsk - Rufina Kharchenko. She and my father were friends at the time. And somehow I told her the story about my friend, who created her own musical group. Rufina invited me to make a reportage about this for the children's program. This is how I became a correspondent on the regional radio. In children's program called "555". Then I moved to the editorial office for youth. In the 10th grade, I got on TV, worked in TV-2 channel and was the host of program called "Molodezhny Prospect".

Irina Borovko and Irina Shihman
Photo Collection: 1997; image Size: 3084x2174
Archive Owner: Yuriy Ershov
Informations Sources: Y.M.Ershov, Irina Shihman

1997, Lenina 66

A collective photo of a subgroup of first-year students taken on the photo lesson

A.F.Tsyrfa: "This is a collective photo of our subgroup on the study of photography on the 1st course. Of course, I remember my group mates and a bunch of stories about them. The photo was taken by A.V.Morozov"

Kostya Makarov, Tatiana Putilova, Natalia Merzlikina, Alexandr Domnikov, Yevgeny Demchenko, Anna Berezina, Alena Stepanenko, Anna Tsyrfa, Anna Yaroslavtseva, Lyubov Bondareva
Photo Collection: 1997; image Size: 1280х853
Archive Owner: Jan Kovalenok
Informations Sources: A.F.Tsyrfa

1997, Lenina 66

Analysis of light on the photo lesson. These are one of the first students, who were entered the department of television and radio journalism

Morozov A.V.: "The photo was taken on my lesson, there are main light and backlight on the photo."

Irina Lyubimova, Andrey Dvornikov, Miroslav Simoshenko
Photo Collection: 1997; image Size: 1794x1196
Archive Owner: Jan Kovalenok
Information Sources: N.V. Zhilyakova, V.S. Baydina, Y.M. Ershov, A.V. Morozov

Events that influenced the history of the faculty
Construction works on the territory of current campus of faculty of journalism. Y.N. Myasnikov and I.Y. Myasnikov enter the building through the typography
1987, Lenina 66
I.Y. Myasnikov: "This is one of my first appearances in our campus building. There once was an editorial office of the regional newspaper called "Young Leninits", and there were also printing presses of the
another newspaper - "Krasnoe Znamya", which were located deeper in the building. My father, Yuri Myasnikov, tried to achieve the transfer of printing equipment to the journalism students, who then studied at the journalism department of faculty of philology at TSU.
It was in 1987 that the students entered a new building. The main classes were held in a nearby building (Lenina, 64 - current location of a cafe). In our building there were only one classroom, a computer class, a photolaboratory and typographies.
Photo Collection: 1987 image Size: 670x1080
Archive Owner: Jan Kovalenok
Information Source: I.Y. Myasnikov
Ilya Yuryevich Myasnikov
Ilya Myasnikov will become the head of the faculty of journalism in 2017
"Yuri Nikolayevich Myasnikov, or "Chef "was the deputy head of the department of journalism. It looks like beeing a head, but in 1987 we were a department of philology, not a faculty.
"Chief" was the head of the training complex "Journalism", which included a printing house, a photographic studio and everything connected with computers from about 1988 to 2004. He actually managed the students' project work: he taught them to produce newspapers and magazines. Therefore, many considered him to be a chef, and over time it became fixed.
Initation of students of №1375 group
Autumn, 1987, Lenina 64
Y.M.Ershov: "I witnessed this event and was captured in this picture next to Y.N.Myasnikov. I then worked for the first year at the department of television and radio journalism as a teacher, returning after defending my thesis at Moscow State University. So, this is autumn of 1987. Group №1375 is initiated to students. The initiation according to the tradition was prepared by third-course students (gr. 1355), who ended up on the photo: Boris Aseev, Mark Minin and Oleg Plotnikov are in the artistic scene "On TV".
Photo Collection: 1987; image Size: 1200x800

Photo of students who came to winter football
1987, Lenina 64
Y.M.Ershov: Actually, I can't say much about this photo. Probably, this shot was taken somewhere between 1987-1988. Students were playing footbal. I can't recognize the girls (maybe they weren't from the department of journalism), but the guys are - Slava Nikolaev, Vlad Khalin, Andrew Ostrov, Sergei Sergeev (graduate of faculty of philology or faculty of historical and political studies) and Anatoly Burov. In those years, about a half of the group were guys and students life was very intense: football,
theatrical performances, shooting videos and
publishing amateur journals and newspapers.
Photo Collection: 1987; image Size: 1280x819


October 24, 1998, Lenina 66

Students initiation

G.V. Kruchevskaya: "This is students initiation, which was in our current building, in the department of television and radio journalism"

People on the photo:
1st row - Kruchevskaya G.V., Kushnarevich E.V., Cherepova T.N.
Deeper - Kaminsky P.P., Litke M.V. (behind Kushnarevich E.V.) - then 1st course students
2nd row - Olga Kovtonyuk, Julia Popova, Asya Vostrikova
3rd row - Oksana Murzintsev (behind O.Kovtonyuk)
last row - Sergei Polovnikov (on the left), Daria Zamyatina (with glasses)

Photo Collection: 1998; image Size: 959x639
Archive Owner: Jan Kovalenok
Informations Sources: T.N. Cherepova, G.V. Kruchevskaya

1998, Lenina 66

(waiting for translation)
П.П.Каминский: «Это 85 и 88 группа, первый курс. Все такие молоденькие. Осень 98 года, октябрь или ноябрь.
Алфёров Костя сейчас работает где-то в Москве, но где конкретно я не знаю.
Маша Охотникова и Сергей Тунгусов, если оканчивали, то уже потом, после нас: они были отчислены. На фото есть Мухова Катя и Юлия Дергунова, где они сейчас я не знаю. Алексей Симахин сейчас специальный корреспондент России. Юлия Прасолова, но тоже, по-моему, отчислена была».

Ольга Ковтонюк: «Я 11 лет работала на радио, была шеф-редактором
"Эхо Москвы в Томске", возглавляла отдел по работе со СМИ томской мэрии, была пресс-секретарем мэра, а в настоящее время — начальник отдела коммуникаций ООО "Томскнефтехим"».

Students of groups 85 and 88. Konstantin Alferov, Maria Okhotnikova, Ekaterina Mukhova, Sergey Tungusov, Yuliya Dergunova (Soboleva), Alexey Simakhin, Yuliya Prasolova and Olga Kovtonyuk
Photo Collection: 1998; image Size: 1280x853
Archive Owner: Jan Kovalenok
Informations Sources: P.P. Kaminsky, Olga Kovtonyuk
Special thanks for the provided photos and help in the description of Jan Kovalenk
and Yuriy Mikhailovich Ershov!
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